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Sunday, April 24, 2016

XIANGJIABA hydropower station

Xiangjiaba hydropower station

China's third largest hydropower station

-XIANGJIABA  hydropower station

Project total investment:43.4 Billion Yuan
 Engineering period: 2008-2015

Xiangjiaba hydropower station located in downstream of Jinsha river, Yuannan Fushui county (right bank) and Sichuan Yibin County (Left Bank) . Where is the junction of the two provinces. 157km away from Xiluodu hydropower station. Static investment 43.4 billion Yuan.

Xiangjiaba hydropower station installation capacity 6000 megawatt,( total 8 unit, each one 750 megawatt), reservoir normal storage water level 380m,guarantee output power 2.009 million KW, average annual generating capacity of 30.747 billion KWH. reservoir area 95.6, the reservoir is gorge type, total reservoir volume 5.163billion cubic meter. Backwater length 156.6 km. control drainage area 458.8 thousand 97% of Jinsha river drainage area.

The project closure on 2008, and the first unit put into operation on 2012, complete project finished on July.2014.

The project use gravity dam, crest elevation 383m, crest length 909.3m, max. Dam height 161m.

Xiangjiaba hydropower station also use vertical Francis hydro turbine, installed 8 unit 800MW turbine generator set. it has the world largest unit installed capacity Francis turbine generator, also the first 800MW Francis turbine generator in the world.

The turbine key parameter below:(world's largest hydro turbine)

Installed capacity:8x800MW,
Max. Water head: 114.2m,
Min.water head:86.1m,
Rated water head: 100m
Runner inlet diameter:10360mm
Runner outlet diameter: 9300mm
Runner max. Diameter:10527mm
Rated output power:812MW
Turbine rated speed:71.4r/min

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