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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Turgo turbine

Impulse Type Turbine Turgo Hydro Turbine  

The turgo turbine is a kind of impulse turbine and suited for heads from 50m-250m, between Francis turbine and Pelton Turbine.
The feature is an angle of 22.5° is formed between the center line of the nozzle jet and the rotational plane of the runner. The water from the penstock is transformed into a high speed jet through the nozzle. The water is directed obliquely to one side of the runner and discharges at the other. The dynamic force of water flow makes the runner rotate rapidly.

turgo hydro turbine
It consists main turbine runner, nozzle assembly, conduit part, deflector control and hydraulic etc.
Turbine runner is the principle part of the turbine. runner made of casting stainless steel. It has influence over the characteristic of the turbine. The runner consists of vanes, the hub and the outer ring of runner. The shape of vane is three dimension camber. The outer ring applies to strengthen the runner and to reduce the loss of wind.
The plane key set up between the runner and the main shaft in order to transfer running torque. The elastic coupling is fitted on the end of main shaft. The end of main shaft and the hole of coupling are fitting and transfered the running torque by plane key.

turgo turbine runner

turgo water turbine

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