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Hydroelectric Generator

Hydroelectric synchronous generator for Hydro Turbine

hydropower generator

    The generator is of synchronous in horizontal or Vertical arrangement. Main parts of the
    generator consist of stator, rotor, bed-plate  and so on. The generator unit shall be
    supported by one radial bearing and one thrust bearing, mounted on a bed-plate.

generator stator
The stator frame consists of welded steel plate construction. The stator core is stacked with high-grade, non-aging, low-loss, thin laminated silicon sheet steel. The laminations shall be coated on both sides with a superior quality insulating varnish to minimize eddy current losses.
The core laminations are firmly and uniformly clamped together by means of clamping ring, tooth supports and bolts passing the stator frame to prevent loosening in service or causing undue noise or vibration due to magnetic force.
generator windingThe stator winding adopt double-layer mode and Y-type connected with the main leads and neutral end leads. Each strand is thin square copper wire insulated with spun glass. The coil shall be insulated between turns and to grand by power mica tape bonded with epoxy resin having excellent electrical properties. The outer layer of the coils shall be treated with semi-conducting compounds to prevent corona. Corona protection shall be also provided on a portion of the end-windings. The insulation is of class F.
In order to measure the temperature of stator winding, The resistance temperature detecting elements are embedded in the stator slots of the generator.
The generator rotor is of salient pole. The rotor yoke coupling is fixed on the main shaft through heated method.
The field coils are wound edgewise with copper strap. Superior quality insulated material is inserted for insulation between each turn. The completed coil is then placed in a fixture, heated up and pressed simultaneously until a solid and well bonded coil is reach. The insulation is of Class F.
generator rotor

The main shaft is made of high quality forged steel and has sufficient safety dimension so that it shall not cause harmful vibration and deformation at any speed including the maximum turbine runaway speed. The fan shall be mounted on both side of the rotor.
small generator

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